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Dedicated Joint (180 Capsules)


DEDICATED JOINT™ is the ultimate joint, tendon and ligament support product on the planet. Designed for serious athletes who require all the help they can get during intense training sessions.

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Traditional Joint products typically contain Glucosamine, MSM and or Chondroitin. Designed to lubricate weary joints. However joint lubrication is almost never an issue for healthy young athletes. It’s traditional wear and tear of tendons and ligaments that need serious help.

Training hard can start to take its toll on anybody. Injuries are bound to happen and are often the greatest set back any athlete can experience. DEDICATED JOINT™ contains the perfect fusion between ancient ingredient wisdom combined with 21st century extraction technologies. Our unique Cissus Quadrangularis extract was grown and handpicked on our own plantations yielding unmatched levels of active ingredients. Combining our unique Cissus Quandrangularis extract with our highly potent Curcumin and Piperine extracts is what makes DEDICATED JOINT™ a product users can experience fast and noticeable results from be it for old or new injuries.

DEDICATED JOINT™ contains the following ingredients per serving:

Cissus has been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian Ayurveda as a pain reliever and treatment for bone fractures. Increasing blood flow is one of the main reasons why Cissus aids recovery from existing aches and injuries whilst preventing new ones. Cissus contains many active ingredients that are responsible for its incredible usage for athletes. However if a Cissus product is not properly standardised it will contain zero or no active ingredients, rendering the product actually useless which is typically the case!

By taking things one step further than anyone else, we decided to cultivate our own Cissus and extract the actives through a patent pending process. This has resulted in a Cissus extract that has unmatched levels of active ingredients compared to anything else available today. A nice “bonus” from our unique active extract is that after a few weeks of usage, a permanent natural muscle pump will appear. This is mainly due to increased blood flow to tendons and ligaments and thus also the surrounding muscles. This natural pump will not only help to soothe aching muscles, it will even help stimulate muscle growth.

Curcumin is the yellow pigment from the traditional Indian spice Turmeric. Our unique extract contains a full spectrum of polyphenols for increased potency and effectiveness. Curcumin’s polyphenols have an incredible anti-inflammatory usage, are linked with various cancer preventions and reduce the risk and side effects of diabetes. In short, Curcumin is one of the healthiest and smartest products any athlete could ever take. Be it for performance or overall health.

Managing healthy inflammatory levels is crucial for athletes. The inflammatory response after a heavy training is an important marker for muscle growth. However, too much inflammation and tendons and ligament start to suffer. Increased inflammation is typically associated with not only painful joints, but also loss of strength and mobility. The polyphenols in our unique Curcumin extract have been shown to reduce inflammation to healthier levels without interfering with the important training stimulus response.

This extract from Black Pepper is crucial for optimal absorption of our Curcumin and Cissus extracts. Without a proper Piperine extract, our extremely potent Curcumin extract would have very poor bioavailability and a very short half life.

In true Dedicated Nutrition spirit, DEDICATED JOINT™ contains a fully disclosed formula. We do not have to hide behind fancy “proprietary blends” that basically do not tell the truth about actual ingredients and dosages. By actually controlling the cultivation of our own ingredients, we at DEDICATED can guarantee an industry leading standard untouchable by anyone else. We also guarantee a constant quality with each and every batch, something that is unheard of as well with any herbal formulation available today.

DEDICATED JOINT™ supports optimal joint, tendon and ligament health and thus maximal performance. Soothe your aching tendons and joints, recover from old injuries and keep banging those heavy weights whilst being anabolic. Get strong, stay strong; injury free.

Take 3 capsules with breakfast and 3 capsules with dinner.

DEDICATED JOINT™ should be used for a minimum of 60 days in order to experience its full potential.

Dedicated Joint Supplement Facts

Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Sunset Yellow (E110), Ponceau 4R (E124), Brilliant Blue (E133).


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