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How To Improve Grip Strength

Creating a powerful grip is something that is always taken for granted and i think its because many of us don’t see the importance of it.

You might think that it only helps you gain a firm handshake, tremendous forearms like what we see in wrestling matches etc, but it actually does a lot. For example, a poor grip strength will limit you when performing other exercises like pull-ups, rows, lunges or dead lifts. So, if your grip is robust, the other lifts will definitely follow.

If you are also trying to lose weight, lifting weights will also help in burning some calories.

Below are some few ways of improving your grip strength. This is especially helpful for the beginners who have no clue where to start.

1. Fat grips – this is the favourite of them all when grip training and can be used together with any pull up bar, standard barbell or dumbbell. This is needed since your hands wont close round the fat grips which will allow one to train their open grip. It doesn’t need constant attention and the grip trains easily, so use them regularly. Every once a month try and add the standard dead lifts plus do alternating grips and double overhand for the heavy singles. It is also recommended for dumbbell rows and chin ups too.

2. Hand grippers – the use of torsion or hand grippers is most popular of the grip exercise plus also the popular way to train the crush grip. They are very demanding when closing compared to the plastic grippers that we see in high school weight rooms. One of the popular brands is the iron mind captain which is available on their website or Amazon for around twenty dollars. They come in a variety of tensions which range from 60lbs. Start with learning first how to set and close the gripper since you will need to have some highness of strength and skill. You can start small then and go up from there.

3. Sand hand and band extension – band extension is normally done by situating the band around your fingers and gently spreading your hand externally for time or reps. Bands are available in every store but look for a rubber band or the plain rubber bands that you see people wearing. On the other hand, sand hand extension can be first performed by putting sand on a bucket, then by inserting your hand together while your fingers are closed, extend them open against the sand’s pressure.

4. Rope or towel pull ups – they do plenty for your grip. If your gym doesn’t offer this kind of gym exercise, collect just a couple of bathe towels or so. Just wrap them against a standard pull-up bar, hold tight and do the regular pull up sets. Its very challenging at the beginning but they will fortunately improve as you go on.

Grip movements are the most simplest exercises for grip training and produce great benefits. Always remember that you are only as strong as your weakest connection and If this is your grip, why not start here then! you might like what you see in the long run.

Fat GripsFat Grips are a training accessory that can improve your grip strength.

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