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Grenade Bars Are At The Top Of Every Bodybuilders Christmas List For 2017

Grenade bars seem to be on every bodybuilder’s Christmas wish list this year, as they are flying out of our warehouse at The Supplement Store EU. Tthe manufacturer of Carb Killa bars who is based in the UK is currently struggling to keep up with the extremely high demand.

Why are Carb Killa Bars so massively popular this year? Maybe it’s because they are high in protein, low in sugar, and they taste amazing! Everyone who tries them loves the fact that they contain multiple layers of deliciousness – not just one boring chewy texture like most other protein bars.

They are also Informed Sport approved, meaning they are safe for drugs-tested athletes, armed forces, and emergency services personnel.

grenade cookies and cream
Grenade Cookies and Cream bars are this years top selling product.

Supply is currently being rationed, so if you do order please allow extra time for delivery. Most orders are going out within a few days, but it depends on the flavours you are after. We are receiving new stock of this item every day at the moment.

Top five best-selling flavours of Grenade Carb Killa bars:

  1. Jaffa Quake
  2. Dark Choc Mint
  3. White Chocolate Cookie
  4. Choc Chip Cookie Dough
  5. Fudge Brownie

Order a Grenade Carb Killa box – or more today!

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